Anna’s (15) Entry

“If this is not the world what you imagined for yourself, if this is not the place where you want to grow up, then raise your voice!”

Once upon a time there was a clear, blue planet, the Earth. It was called blue planet, because its atmosphere was blue, sometimes turquoise, and moreover, it scanned the unknown nebulae of the infinite space with vivid radiation.

The silence and harmony one day was broken by a sad event: the first cigarette fell from the sluggish fingers of its owner, but he didn’t reach for it, he let the smoky piece of tobacco land on the cold stone with a dull thud. The first trash was followed by the second, then the third, and as the bulk of garbage washed the color palette of nature into gray, the people’s eyes became duller and darker.

In a small town in the heart of Europe, unnecessary chewing gums, bottles and papers were falling with extreme frequency. The faceless crowd walked past the unused selective trash cans as if they weren’t there – they might even not have noticed the graffiti-filled containers, or maybe they simply didn’t want to see them: it was easier to go through the lonely piles of garbage than to pick them up, to do what they should have done a long time ago. 

One day, as the crowd roamed the endless city roads at its usual pace, a face appeared which stood out from the others: an old lady walked against the flood of people, but the residents did not evade her, they pushed her as they walked by, and then they continued their daily routine with an emotionless face. The old lady shook her head in disbelief. Maybe they can’t see her? Why am I ignored? she moaned in thought and a tear rolled down her wrinkled face. From the dust on which the tear fell, a dirty green plant emerged, but it instantly fell asleep forever: it didn’t want to be the only plant in the bleak plane of the street. Only one child noticed the scene. A little boy’s face emerged from the crowd as he ran toward her in disbelief. 

– Granny? Granny, is that you? he asked in a tone of intense curiosity as he stared steadily at the old lady. She smiled mysteriously and nodded while taking the boy’s hand in her palm. 

– If you wish, I can be your grandmother. But you know, I’m not just your relative. My children are the trees, the bushes, the endless sea, the budding nature and the changing seasons. I am no less fond of animals than my sons and daughters who have inhabited this planet, built cities around them, and who are ultimately the cause of my, the mother nature’s demise. 

   The little boy blinked in puzzlement. Even though he was only a child, he realized that something formidable was standing before him, but strangely enough, he trusted the stranger, who continued with veiling eyes: 

– Humans have turned against nature: they no longer see each other, they do not see the diverse possibilities of nature. Instead of delighting in the morning birds’ song, they have driven away the singing birds, and they greeted the oaks and beeches after their unrightful entry into the forests with an axe. They rushed through the fields with chemicals, smeared the endless ocean, ignoring the fishes’ cry for help. And the waste continued to accumulate: after every crime committed against Mother Nature, bottles, useless plastic and unnecessary glass were pouring. Never, no one leaned over to get them, no one felt the weight of these deeds. “There are many of us,” some thought, “it will be picked up by others.” “What is this one piece of paper compared to this heap of garbage of a town” others said before they threw the trash beside the garbage bin. 

– Take a look around! Mother Nature turned to the little boy and looked deep into his eyes. – If this is not the world you imagined for yourself, if this is not the place where you want to grow up, raise your voice! Speak up and they will hear you! Take a step and believe me as you embark on the path to save the planet, many will follow. 

– Me? The boy stared at the nose of his shoes in disbelief. – I’m one of a million, I’ve just become 10 years old. Why would they follow me? 

– Believe it or not, many people are waiting for someone to take the first step. Be it you or anyone else who takes the initiative, there will be plenty of people who would follow, they are simply afraid of novelty, afraid of change. You don’t have to be afraid, because I’ll always be here with you. Whenever you pass a plant, every time you fondle a stray animal, remember, they are all fed by my love. The fate of this planet is in the hands of you and brave people like you. 

The old lady smiled one last time at the boy, then turned around and disappeared in the crowd in an instant. The child looked up with determination, understanding, feeling the weight of his task and lifted the closest bottle… 

Maybe not many people noticed this. There were some who noticed, there were some who passed in hurry. However, one thing is certain: on that day something has changed in the world, the eyes of the attentive have become clearer and brighter. A passing breeze picked up the message and spread it softly in the villages and in the cities, whispering to people’s ears like in a dream: if we work together, it’s not too late for change.

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