Jázmin’s (14) entry

“Just imagine, it’s like, since the death of Christopher Columbus, a plastic straw has been able to decompose only by now.”

Mankind is capable of destroying the beautiful nature which evolved for millions of years within seconds. A straw, a plastic bottle, a nylon bag can do tremendous damage, just like wasted electricity, water, or the lots of cars and vehicles the exhaust fumes of which heavily pollute our environment, damaging the ozone layer and the air, which has a detrimental effect not only on our Earth but also on our own body.

The Internet has recently been full with the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. Millions of people shared or posted the events on their own pages, complemented with sad sentences. But in fact, they did nothing. They dealt with the enormous problem that firefighters had been trying to solve for weeks with just one post. True, we, who do not live near the Amazon, cannot stop the fire there, but we can prevent the same happening to the trees that live around us. We must pay attention to the fire prohibitions, snuffing out the campfire and so on. If we do not hear about the Amazon fires, it is about the large amount of waste in the oceans, the “plastic/garbage islands” created there. One-time or multiple-use items that are used every day are the most frequent waste in our waters. To counteract this, we can use for example a textile bag or paper bag instead of a nylon bag when shopping. Nowadays, more and more shops make available reusable bags in the fruit and vegetable department. When using a straw, just think of that it takes five hundred long years until this one piece that you use for a few minutes disintegrates. Just imagine, it’s like, since the death of Christopher Columbus, a plastic straw has been able to decompose only by now. So, if you really want to drink your soft drink with a straw, use metal or paper straws. Of course, it’s best not to use any kind.

What more can we do for our planet? Everyone tells us to use a bicycle or public transport, or even walk to school, but most people don’t it. Just try once to go to school on foot. Doing so will benefit not only your environment, but also yourself, as you get your head right as you walk and exercise, which is a basic requirement for a healthy life. It’s much easier to drive a car, and I even admit that my dad takes me to school by car in the morning, but I use public transport at least in the afternoon or I simply walk home.

How do you manage water? How much water do you use? Just what you need for proper hydration and hygiene?! Or you keep water flowing for an hour while you’re in the shower?! Maybe you take a full bath in hot water several times a week? Think about it! Are you sure you need to use that amount of water? If not, change it. Shower for a shorter period of time, opening the tap slightly or closing it while using soap. Do not leave the tap open while brushing your teeth. You’re wasting water unnecessarily. Also, pay attention to how much power you are using. Use it only when needed and turn on the lamp only when you are in the given room. Also, turn off the lights at night.

Everyone knows about the selective waste bins, but it’s sad that many people do not use them. There is a lot we can do for the sake of our environment through recycling. This process takes only a few minutes until you dispose of the collected waste in the appropriate container. It’s a simple thing that anyone can do.

What else can we do for the future of the Earth? If you are designing, building your own house, you can do it in an environmentally conscious way. You could build a passive house, use solar energy, but these were just two examples. You can also use an environmentally friendly vehicle. The electric car is more expensive, but more environmentally friendly. Also, as a kid or as an adult, picking up trash can help a lot. By doing a few of the examples listed here, you can reduce the size of your own ecological footprint and create a better and longer future for our planet. Do not destroy what has been built so far!

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