Lehel’s (9) entry

“There are protected animals, because there are few of them.”

Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was a squirrel called Hazelnut. Hazelnut had two squirrel friends with whom he played a lot: hide-and-seek and tag among the foliage of the trees. His hazelnut friends were called Melinda and Barnabas. These three friends decided to love each other forever and to stick together for better or worse.

The squirrels were much annoyed by the noise made by humans, who cut many trees, built roads, walked dogs, and the squirrels had little or no food or space left.

One time, the three good friends were playing tag in the foliage. In the heat of the game, they mistakenly climbed on a tree which the humans were just about to cut down. As the tree fell, it almost buried Hazelnut underneath. They learned that the remaining trees that were left of the former big forest are going to be cut down, because they are building a gas station there, leaving them with no living space. Hazelnut, Melinda and Barnabas were very desperate. When humans cut down the last tree of the forest, luckily, someone noticed the impossibility of the situation of the poor squirrels and complained to the prime minister, warning him that they would die. But the prime minister was just laughing at this.

A few days later, as Hazelnut, Melinda and Barnabas were fleeing from a dog at the docks, they jumped into a crate which was left open. The workers brought the crate to the ship together with the others. Thus began their journey around the world.

The ship sailed from Europe to South America. When the ship arrived, the crates were brought out and the squirrels finally got free. They saw the forest and backflipped so high that everyone noticed them. A week, a month passed, there was a lot of sunlight in the jungle, but also many dangers lurked. They had to pay close attention because there were many big animals in the jungle who could easily devour them.

Over time, the squirrels began to have homesickness. They found a ship that said “Africa,” but because the squirrels couldn’t read, they boarded it unsuspectingly. When the ship was then moored and they unboarded it, they were amazed to see they were in the wrong place. But by the time they realized it, the ship had left them behind. Out of the frying pan, into the fire. Here they had to flee constantly from snakes and crocodiles. It was three months later that a ship finally arrived, saying that it was heading to Europe. Hazelnut, Melinda and Barnabas felt that this was the right ship. They boarded it and another journey began. Then, when the ship docked, the squirrels got out and were pleased to see that they had returned home. Changes were beginning slowly. The three good friends talked a lot about their world travelling adventure.

People have elected a new prime minister. The squirrel’s patron from the past did not give up, he went to the new prime minister and personally asked him to plant a small forest so that animals can have a home. The new prime minister nodded. The three squirrels lived happily in the new small forest near the town.

There are protected animals because there are few of them. Nature and its animals are our unreplaceable treasures, so take care of them!

the end

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