Szabolcs’s (16) entry

“Over the past 28 days, I have produced 131 grams of waste, filling three quarters in a 20 x 10 cm container.”

Around the time I was in 6th grade, I watched The Age of Stupid, a movie that confronted me with the fact that we put our planet in a position where cycling a little more than average and trash cans don’t help much. It made me nervous that we know what’s going to happen to us, yet we do nothing against it. We don’t want to let go of the easy-to-obtain luxury that leads straight to our demise, due to our greed and carelessness.

My friends from the dormitory and I took part in a public event called “We’re in a climate crisis.ACT LIKE IT.” organized by Greenpeace. One of the people who spoke said that we should not destroy God’s creation, which is very thoughtful for me due to my Christian values. Later, I asked one of my friends why she didn’t show up at such an important event, who would then question my efforts to protect our Earth. Then I realized that actually I was bothered by people’s environmental pollution, while I was almost acting like the majority. When I asked her what she was doing for the environment, she responded by showing a bamboo toothbrush, a measured shower gel, a linen handbag and much more, reminiscent of a video posted by showing a girl showing her garbage-free life. The lifestyle I had in the video seemed so distant that I couldn’t imagine anyone besides the girl who would live like that. My dormitory friend was the living example that this is not so hard as imagined, so on September 8th I started the zero waste lifestyle. Over the past 28 days, I have produced 131 grams of trash, filling three quarters in a 20 cm high and 10 cm wide container. All of this could not have happened without the support of my friends and the videos of the youtuber called Vászonzsákoslány (Linen bag girl). I was pleased to finally have a solution that I can apply and see the positive result, which not only means less pollution to the environment but also less poisoning for myself, since I only buy things that I really need, therefore I can save a lot more money. In the framework of a 30-day challenge, I gave up fast food, white bread, sweets, chips and sugary soft drinks. The challenge was difficult at first, but then I realized that I was perfectly fine without junk food. I would like the people around me to experience the benefits of the zero waste lifestyle. By sharing my experiences, I induced many people think about it and even persuaded some of them to change their lifestyle, as it happened in the case of my mother, classmate and dormitory friend. In my experiences so far, the “We can’t save the planet anyway” or “It doesn’t make sense, most people don’t do it anyway” arguments are used the most. This is a bad way of thinking, because if only a few people would pursue a zero waste lifestyle, no package-free shops would continue to be opened. An example of this is the second such store opened in my hometown, Szentendre, a few weeks ago.

 I made a presentation about littering, in the first half of which I show 30 items that are used in our daily lives, and the members of the audience have to decide in which waste sorting bin they would throw them. I have already shown it to many and unfortunately 90% have given the wrong answer, as none of the 30 items (thermal paper, pen, chewing gum, straw, etc.) are recyclable in most cases. With two of my classmates, we decided to show the presentation to the rest of the school. In addition, we told the principal’s office that we want to create a green club with students who are interested in environmental awareness. Me and my friends were able to change our way of live because someone in our community was exemplary. That would be the essence of the club, to set an example to others and then others set an example to their friends. We want everyone to have the enthusiasm and the readiness for action to save our planet!

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