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6. October 2019. 

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The competition is over

During the I think… Youth for a greener future! competition, which was announced in September 2019, we asked Hungarian elementary and secondary school students to tell us what they think about environmental protection, and the present and the future of our planet. Thank you for your contributions. We are pleased that so many of you picked up the pen (or the keyboard) and expressed what you think.

Now it’s our turn: we promised to publish your thoughts so that the whole country and the world can come to know what Hungarian young people think.

This site contains the best 25 essays.

Herewith we kindly invite you to join us on the APPLiA Hungary’s Facebook page, where in the course of 2020 we will introduce one of our participants each week and publish their thoughts on a greener future.

During our campaign, we will also honor the most important and most interesting special days. Let’s learn from each other, let’s think and change together in 2020 in order to make our future a little greener, indeed! Let’s live smarter! It’s up to us and and it is up to you!

The panel

From the best twenty five entries, each member of the panel selected the top five entries. This resulted in a total of fourteen entries in the next round. Entries that have been selected by at least two jury members to be among the top five, a total of eight entries, qualified for the final. The top eight entries were ranked by each member of the jury and the final result was the summary of the five lists.

Prof. Dr. István Hannus

University lecturer, teacher of the Department of Applied and Environmental Chemistry of the Institute of Chemistry of the Faculty of Science and Informatics of the University of Szeged, currently the lecturer of the Alternative Energy Sources, Chemistry and Associated Arts and the Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry subjects of the Ecology BSc and Environmental Science MSc courses, Gold Chalk awardee, Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Donát Kékesi

Photographer, cooperating partner of APPLiA Hungary since 2018, the photographer of our events and campaigns. The photographer of the calendar pictures and creative collaborator of the 2019 anti-food waste and the In my opinion… Young people for a greener future! campaigns.

Fanni Mészáros

CEO of the APPLiA Hungary Society, graduate student in the Environmental Science MSc at the Faculty of Science and Informatics of the University of Szeged, an “eternal student”.

Márton Csengey

Student ambassador of the In my opinion… Young people for a greener future! campaign, student of the TelekiBlanka Secondary School in Székesfehérvár, participant of the 2018 Cycle Michael YouTube channel competition.

Zoltán Berta

Communications and creative cooperating partner of the In my opinion… Young people for a greener future! campaign, responsible project person of the website and other communication tools.


Although this was not our original plan, at the last minute we decided to award the best three works separately as well.



2nd place



3rd place


3rd place


Our campaign ambassadors

Franci and Marci are both avid environmentalists.

Franciska Kocsis

Franci is ten years old and is the winner of our 2015 drawing competition. Her work is also included in the Is It Possible? storybook. She also helped us greatly in making the photos for the 2020 calendar, since with her mother, Zsuzsa, they helped to design and create the creative elements of the photos. What’s more, she also participated in the competition 🙂

Márton Csengey

Marci is sixteen years old and has participated with his class in the 2018 Cycle Michael YouTube channel competition, where they finished in third place. You can watch their award winning short movie here. Marci also contributes to our campaign as a member of the jury.

Read the top 25 entries!