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2021. Március 15.

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The competition is over!

Announced in early 2021 ‘I think… Youth for a healthier future!’ competition, we asked primary and secondary school students in Hungary to write to us or show us in a short film what they think could be done better or differently in the future so that we can be healthier. Thank you for grabbing so many pens (i.e. keyboards) and cameras and articulating what you think!

Now it’s our turn: we promised to publish your thoughts so that the country-world can find out what Hungarian young people think. This website features the best essays and short films.

We would like to invite you to stay with us on the APPLiA Hungary Association’s Facebook page, where we will present one of our applicants every week during the 2021/22 school year and publish your thoughts on a healthier future.

We will also add short films, reports, competitions and other curiosities to the I think… Youth for a healthier future! campaign. Let’s learn from each other, think and change together to make our future a little healthier!

The jury

Halász Júlia

Júlia is a habilitated associate professor at the Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences, and has been teaching various fields of plant genetics since 2003. Junior Prima Award-winning researcher, his research topic is the genetic background of fruit tree fertilization. He regularly publishes in international scientific journals and gives lectures at conferences. His specialized students achieved outstanding results at the National Scientific Student Conference. Mother of a fifth-grader.

Bodó Bernadett

Detti has replaced his international legal career with the promotion of a healthy lifestyle: he enrolled in the physiotherapist department at SOTE in 2014, graduated with excellent results, and has been working as a physiotherapist at the National Institute of Rheumatology and Physiotherapy since 2018. Mother of four student-age girls.

Érczfalvi András

András is the host of Trend FM, communication trainer, teacher of Hungarian folk culture. As a reporter, he has been following the activities of APPLiA Hungary for 15 years, including numerous interviews on student applications in recent years. Currently, in the framework of the APPLiA-TRENDEK report series, he helps to get the message of APPLiA Hungary to as many people as possible. The father of an 18-year-old sutdent-age girl.

SInkó Eszter

Eszter is a student of the German 10th grade of Tamási Áron Primary School, Grammar School and German Nationality Grammar School, participant of ‘I think… Youth for a greener future!’ competition, calendar and short films.

Kővári-Gráner Bálint

Bálint is a 9th student of the József Attila High School, Újbuda. He chose biology and chemistry because he has been very interested in the phenomena of nature since he was a child.


I. place

Blum Balázs

1 week family vacation in Croatia from Hotel Prišćapac Resort & Apartments.

II. place

Budai Bíró Endre

50,000FT VOUCHER to the Dráva Hotel Thermal Resort **** from the offer of APPLIA Hungary.

III. place

Kertész Panna

30,000FT VOUCHER from the Dráva Hotel Thermal Resort ****.

The best short film

Ferencz Csaba

One family night (5 people) from the offer of Árnyas Vió Lombház (Verőce).

Other highlighted entries

IV. place

Dicsérdi Elizabet,
Ferencz Csaba,
Nagy Réka


V. place

Gunics Bettina,
Szabó Zselyke,
Szloboda Sára


VI. place

Balogh Bence Máté,
Füri Fanni,
Krám Jázmin Bodza


Nyerteseink a 2021/22-es iskolai naptár két oldalán is szerepelni fognak.

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